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Imat GLOBAL Education Consultants are pone of the leading branded consultants in the heart of kochi. Imat is the most reliable and trusted education consultants in Kerala as well. We offer two types of admissions, domestic and abroad. We also provides various language eligibility tests training under our language hub. Lets go deeper into these three services 

Our Vision is to Pave the way for realizing the potential of students and guide them through a journey of knowledge and success and Our Mission is in Helping students to find the right educational path that will take them to greater heights in the future. 

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Canada stands among the world’s most developed nations, renowned for providing a top-notch education system.


Australia has become a favored destination for international students, thanks to its welcoming and easy-going culture, outstanding education system, and exceptional standard of living.


Germany provides state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class facilities and no tuition fees (only in public universities) making Germany one of the most sought-after destinations for MBA studies, worldwide.


Europe is an attractive destination for international students ,offering a plethora of advantages, including high-quality education, cultural diversity, research opportunities, travel opportunities, language exposure, and affordability.

New Zealand

New Zealand is recognized as one of the most successful business education destinations. The country has some of the top MBA universities that offer excellent quality of education.


Studying in the UK can be a great opportunity to gain a high-quality education, immerse yourself in a new culture, and explore new experiences. The UK has a long-standing reputation for providing a world-class education that offers high-quality courses in a wide range of disciplines.

We help to grow your Career

Just Walk Into Us, We Do All The Steps For Your Secure Study At Abroad. You will experience the best of all our services listed below. Imat global is delighted to announce our pride in doing admissions to almost all types of courses including MBBS, BDS,HEALTH and SCIENCE related courses, ARTS , MANAGEMENT,CULINARY and NUMEROUS .

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